Hello, I'm Madalena, a photographer and
visual storyteller.

My idea was to capture seven people forging Istanbul’s character and help shape the city’s identity.

I accompanied them morning, midday, evening and night, at home and at work. I went to office blocks in the very east as well as to building sites in the west. I saw studios, flats and family residences. I travelled by car, taxi, boat, train, bus and mainly on foot. 

I gave each forger a recording device and asked them to capture the sound of their daily lives. They contributed bird songs, music compositions and deafening silence, traffic jams, scratches and hammering workmanship.

Seven rooms were designed on the 300 sqm fifth floor of an old factory building in partnership with Jana Prengl (link). Each room wasn’t strictly speaking a room, but a half-circle curtain rail. Twelve pictures per room/ forger hung floating mid-air and were accompanied by original soundbites.

I produced two films for advertising and publicity and ran a fairy tale reading on site. The exhibition spread beyond it’s place and got positive reviews in the Berliner Zeitung and Hurriyet (link).