Hello, I'm Madalena, a photographer and
visual storyteller.

My work is of a documentary nature based around a strong artistic concept. 

Some say it’s “too conceptual, this is not journalism” while others insist “this is documentary, not art”. The two declarations imply a contradiction between documentary - realistic, journalism, objectivity - and conceptual - abstract, artistic, subjectivity.

I use both. I am clearly documenting life in a journalistic fashion. And I am also creating a concept around it to express personal experiences. This usually happens through the combination of my imagery with original soundbites provided by my portraitees. It leaves room for their opinion, combining what I see with what they feel. The pictures and sounds merge in a mesmerizing symbiosis, each bearing a different message and together creating a third, opening the room to the viewer’s experience.

Please have a look at my projects to see what I’m talking about.